creamy pearl bracelet



creamy pearl bracelet


This bracelet is made using dyed freshwater pearls.

Freshwater pearls can be found in bays and rivers throughout the world and can easily be cultivated from freshwater mollusks in China, Japan, and the U.S. However, the majority of cultured freshwater pearls are produced in China.

Generally more affordable than cultured saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls can vary widely in color. In terms of size, they tend to be between 2 and 13 mm. .

Freshwater pearls are grown within mussels. Within each host, 10 to 14 pearls can be harvested at once. Therefore, the outcomes are often unpredictable. Additionally, freshwater pearls will form with a lower amount of organic material in their nacre, resulting in a “glassier” luster.

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