Beaded Mind Monkey Bracelet


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Beaded Mind Monkey Bracelet

Our beaded Mind Monkey bracelet is a lightweight chain bracelet with a silver plated caged mind monkey.

Do you suffer with mind monkeys?

I know I do!

Those little voices in your head that tell you your not good enough or you will never succeed. That niggling feeling that something will go wrong or you will fail at whatever you do. With support and self confidence you will gradually train your brain to believe you are in control not them. Don’t take my word for it this is what one of my customers said:

“I thought the overall concept of the mind monkey was superb and I wear mine a lot.

I tend to wear mine when I’m having a difficult day or when I’m feeling overwhelmed with my PTSD.

I love the fact that the monkey hangs as it’s a subtle reminder that he’s there to have his head shoved into the cage as and when I need him to be.

I love my bracelet and even though it won’t cure me of my PTSD it’s a helping hand at being active at trying to make myself feel better when the time comes”

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