Lilibuts Jewellery

Hey guys, I’m Liz (aka Loops) and I’m the face behind Lilibuts Jewellery. 

I kind of fell into making handmade jewellery. About 12 years ago my daughter received a jewellery making kit for her birthday; after about a week she lost interest but I never did. 

As a teenager back in the 80’s (yes I am that old) I used to make earrings but never to sell, just for fun.

In the beginning I used to just make very basic items and sold them for silly money. As the years have gone on I’ve learnt and honed my skill and I am now able to make much nicer pieces which (some would say) I still undercharge for. 

About three years ago I was introduced to a book called Train Your Mind Monkey and to cut a long story short the mind monkey was born. 

Mind Monkeys are designed to help you take back control of your anxiety. They work for all ages as they can be used in so many different ways. I can safely say mind monkeys have become my signature product. 

Beaded Mind Monkey Bracelet
Beaded MInd Monkey Bracelet
Amethyst Tree Of Life Pendant
Amethyst Tree Of Life Pendant
Silver Anxiety Ring
Silver Anxiety Ring
Mind Monkey Bag Charm
Mind Monkey Bag Charms